Pusher - running with a push

Are you a pusher or a dragger?

Pusher is an iOS app that will analyse your running gait and automatically pace your tempo up.

Are you also tired of being deafened to your surrounding acoustic environment or to have to listen to others' music in order to keep pace while running? This little app will pace, but also impose at your command a little push to your 'natural' running rhythm, adding an edge to your workout and bringing you a little further.

Hope this little Pusher will help you run but also compose better (it was indeed created for that purpose at first.. you know running and listening to the wind, the birds, the cars, and whatever inspires you... ;) ).

You will need a HealthKit compatible device to access activity tracking functionalities and grant the app access to some of your personal information.

Be a pusher! ;)

Have fun! ;)

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